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This little tool allows you to copy an existing installation of Total Commander including all plugins and settings files to an USB stick.

This is useful if you want to take Total Commander with you to work on various machines, e.g. It will automatically detect an existing Portable Apps installation on the stick, and add Total Commander to it.


For business sites, as opposed to private home pages, information security comes into play.

U3 USB sticks are special devices which show a menu icon in the system tray when inserted, and also support auto-run of programs from USB sticks.

They require a special installer package which will work with the U3 installer.

It doesn’t show up in linux or mac and in windows I get the error “The disk is drive F is not formatted. ” The first weird thing is that it’s shown as only 8MB. I have tried using Active Kill Disk to delete everything on the drive but that doesn’t seem to do anything. I can see the drive in Disk Management and also did change the drive letter but still not seen in My Computer.

both my pendrives stopped working after i used them in one of my office pc. @deepu this is exactly what happened to my friend’s pen drive. a faulty port can apply over-voltage to the pen drive and the pen drive might have burned-out the internal circuit.