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For example, plants playfully stand in for the female form in many of Cousins' images.

(She says she chooses her subjects partly based on "what's looking nice in the flower shop that day.")More than anything, Cousins says her senses drive her work.

She's just as likely to pose a slug in a way that makes it seem sexy as she is to cover her nude models in flower petals and grass, all in order to reveal how erotic our world is (even if we don't always realize it).

In other words, yes, butts, breasts, and mouths feature heavily in her photos, but many of them are abstracted.

Waller, a microbiologist from Leeds, Yorkshire, said: “Of course the thing about the photo is that I thought I looked awful with stretch marks and a big belly, but people have been coming to me saying it's the most beautiful thing they've ever seen.

“Now I don't care what my body looks like - it's made my baby and the result of that is I have a saggy belly. Women's bodies are strong and powerful, but I'm no superwoman.

"Sometimes [these combinations] surprise me."And we'd argue that that element of surprise is a big part of her work's appeal.

“Many others have posted their own breastfeeding pictures on social media as well.

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The pictures show the face of a 21-year-old woman smiling back at the camera from inside the dead horse's carcass. " "That's her head," said KOIN reporter Kohr Harlan. Washington County Sheriff's Deputies have also seen the photos of the dead horse, recently slaughtered, all of its insides laying on the ground.

woman had naked pictures of her -- inside of her dead horse. " That's the reaction from the woman's mother, who hadn't seen these pictures until Harlan showed them to her.