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Since 2005, Quebec’s education ministry has mandated that students be exposed to various subjects like gender identity, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexual abuse via core courses like French, social studies or biology.In practice, however, critics have noted that this has led to wide disparities in how and when these subjects are taught.Montreal’s international airport is just three hours away, with plenty of airlift from the UK.One of the newest connections is Wow Air (uk), which flies via Reykjavik from Gatwick, Bristol, and – starting 13 July – Edinburgh.“There can be a big price to pay, in terms of the fallout around sexually transmitted infections as well as issues related to consent and assault.” Ontario’s new curriculum is a much more sound approach, Mc Kay argued.Not only does it lay out a clear path for the teaching of a wide variety of subjects linked to sexuality — including the impact of new realities like text messaging and online pornography — but it’s also adaptable.

Take a stroll along Dufferin Terrace, which wraps around the neo-gothic Château Frontenac (now a Fairmont hotel;; doubles from C9/£266 room only) and overlooks the St Lawrence River.Indeed, the city’s rich European charm is present all year round, coming into sharper focus during the winter season – as we discovered during a visit just last week, in the run up to Christmas.So don with us your hats, gloves and sturdy snow boots as we recount six of our favorite discoveries about this true winter wonderland…1 The fact that, yes, it looks like a Disney movie It’s not the most original observation, but boy is it accurate – we were humming the soundtracks to Beauty and the Beast and Frozen throughout our stay, and challenge you not to do the same.The city’s throwback style is best preserved on the cobble-stoned lanes of the Petit-Champlain district in historic Old Quebec: a living, breathing UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the only walled city north of Mexico.