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Nicknames or monikers are normally given to players who have made their mark in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). It could be based on his style of play, because of his physical attributes, or his geographical roots.

No matter the reason, monikers give spice and color to the players.

We list these down in no particular order: Perhaps one of the best monikers ever given to a player, its a fitting tribute to Bong Alvarez for creating so much excitement when hes inside the game.

Alvarez was a rookie for the Alaska Milkmen in the 1989 season when he rocked the league with his lightning quick moves, his deceptive moves that result to steals, and his thunderous dunks.

occurs in grassland and bush savannah and sandy soils of Madagascar and the African countries of Angola, Congo, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe (de Winter, 1965; Gibbs Russell et al., 1991).

Even though can be a significant element in grasslands, species have been reported to be of value for grazing only at early stages of growth (Schweickerdt, 1941; de Winter, 1965; Mejía-Saulés and Dávila, 1992).

Mark and an unnamed Penn computer science faculty member whom he quotes take the position that Java does have pointers and that students taught using Java do learn about data structures like linked lists.

Spolsky is right in saying that Java does not have pointers.

To recap, Spolsky argues that programmers who learn C learn about pointers and the data structures that can be built with them, such as linked lists and hash tables, while those who learn Java do not learn about pointers and therefore do not learn about such data structures.

) and nuclear (ITS) DNA sequences were obtained from 198 accessions, and the combined data set was subjected to parsimony, maximum likelihood, and Bayesian inference analyses.

Dating analyses calibrated using previously published node ages were conducted to determine the ages of major radiations.

This is perhaps overdue for some of you, but the time has come to ask if Vladimir Radmanovic is going to get it together.

If you got up during the third quarter Monday, you might have missed the Radmanovic played in the second half.