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Then suddenly she remembered – ‘and it felt like a ton of bricks falling on my head’.Joanne believed the images would never be made public, but two months later those photos – which had been ‘stolen’ from a memory stick apparently left in the school’s photography room – began to circulate via email and text message.STEAMY EXCERPT: "I can smell the sex coming off you right now.I could take you down on this sidewalk and be up that skirt of yours in a heartbeat. " A 24-year-old survivor of childhood abuse meets a young and handsome billionaire who is hiding a similar trauma.The timing of the programme is fortuitously incendiary, coinciding, as it does, with peers’ debates this week on Brexit.If the House of Lords is going to try to prevent us leaving the EU, as many of its members seem set on doing, what sort of people are they and how do they see their role?

Having done the bare minimum of signing on for his £300 daily attendance allowance, the (sadly unnamed) peer jumped back into the taxi and beggared off.When she first arrived at Harrow School to take up her teaching role in the art department, Joanne Salley – a former Miss Northern Ireland – found herself the object of innocent schoolboy infatuations.As she clacks into the Knightsbridge café she’s suggested we meet in for coffee (she’s staying at a friend’s flat nearby) she is wrapped in a cream cashmere sweater and wheeling a suitcase behind her – in a few hours’ time she will fly to her friend Lisa B’s ‘wild’ themed 40th birthday party in Ibiza.STEAMY EXCERPT: "The need to take her was raging, some fatal drug that stabbed into his veins, speeding up his heartbeat and clouding his mind." There's a bloody war going on between vampires and slayers in New York, and the deadliest of all is Wrath, leader of the vampire's Black Dagger Brotherhood.But his plans for vengeance go awry when he's put in charge of the recently orphaned (and definitely sexy) half-breed daughter of his fellow Brother.