Dating whitall tatum glass insulators

Flaws can include cracks, bruises, chips, nicks, dings, scratches, wrinkles, wear (from abrasion), and even inclusions, such as debris within the glass or ceramic.

Except for a surfaced bubble that causes a chip (after manufacturing), internal bubbles are not considered to be flaws due to their common occurance. The Fleron company was in business from 1922 to 1941.

The Data: There are numerous examples of common insulators that were used by the millions in multitudes of locations across the country.

It is not the intent to list these common insulators here.

I especially look forward to seeing the listings increase as new submissions are received.

The Purpose: The listings in this database are being collected for historical preservation purposes and to be used as a reference base for insulator collectors.

Your description, I'm sorry, is more confusing than helpful.

With more than 3,000 types known to exist over the 160-plus years of manufacturing, collectors are sure to find some great insulators and be able to specialize in just one or two areas of the field.

INSIDE ONE WITH A 44, ANOTHER WITH A 32, Another Light Aqua 19, White glass Whitall Tatum No.3 16 & 1 more that isn't pictured Pyrex clear has KLL.

Whitall Tatum No1 79-46 A INSIDE OF CIRCLE 2 Dots under & 1 on upper left...,next one 76-46 A ( SAME THING BUT TWO DOTS ON RIGHT)...,68-46 A Dot same as first...,67-46 A 1 dot on upper left 2 on rt & 2dots under...,60-46A SAME DOTS AS THE FIRST..., Whitall Tatum Co TRIANGLE INT.

Some of these examples are "Brookfield B's," manufactured in Brookfield, N.

Y., during the 1800s and early 1900s, named for their "beehive" or "bell" shape, and usually found in shades of green and light aqua worth up to ,500.