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I’ll combine the Places Autocomplete API with a Google Map using the service enables us to perform asynchronous operations outside of the Angular zone, or in our case, to explicitly run a function within the Angular zone.

Angular’s zones patch most of the asynchronous APIs in the browser, invoking change detection when an asynchronous code is completed.

If you understand HTML/XML you will have little problem understanding the syntax of KML.

You can learn about KML from the KML Tutorial, or get the full details from the KML Documentation. It is the default format for KML because it is a compressed version of the file.

The Places Autocomplete by Google Maps is very helpful as it allows a user to search for an address or specific location.

For KMZ files without images, the file size will be much smaller than the equivalent KML file.

If you understand basic HTML/XML you can easily get started by saving a simple placemark you’ve created as a KML file (not the default KMZ), and looking at the resulting text file.

I recently acquired this laptop, and it has 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 port.

Both USB 2.0 ports have been working just fine, but the USB 3.0 port seems to not work at all...