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Two thirteen year old girls invite two boys over for a study date. Little did these two know that this simple study date would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to them. I've been getting better at writing stories and I'm optimistic about this one. Disclaimer: I unfortunately don't own Inuyasha or any other characters belonging to Rumiko Takahashi Study Date Chapter 1: A Crush"Sango, is the popcorn and soda on the coffee table yet?!

Since my other story "Can't Move On Without You" is coming to a close, I though I would start on a spanking brand new story!

In Inu Yasha, lots of characters are unique, they can be funny, mean, smart, etc.

Not everyone is the same in Inu Yasha, if everyone was the same, then that would be weird!

She knew that Kagome was nervous and for good reason."Kagome, would you please calm yourself? You'll survive." She said as she walked into the bedroom. " Sango shook her by the shoulders to stop her babbling. Kagome took deep breaths to calm down before trusting herself to speak again.

Kagome was standing at her mirror and making sure that she wasn't a mess. Sango waited patiently for her friend to speak."Okay…Sango, I'm really nervous about this study date.

She caught Sango in the mirror and turned around to face her."I'm sorry Sango, it's just I can't stop. I know we need help in passing Algebra and the test tomorrow, but what if I say something stupid again and I mess it up for everyone? Just think how beneficial this might be and stop focusing on what could possibly go wrong.

"Sango breathed out in frustration due to her friend's paranoia. And I happen to know why you're so freaked out.""Yeah I know…I know." The reason Kagome was acting so freaked out and paranoid was because she invited a few boys over for a study date; one of them being her crush, Inuyasha Tukashi.

I'm going to be right there with you for emotional support.

He was in junior high, and he explained to his curious friends that his sister wasn't around a lot because she was married right after high school. He likes to play soccer and enjoys hanging out with his friends.

He is very perceptive, as shown when he is asking Inuyasha for love advice.

He grew up with his sister, grandfather, mother, and cat as a family.

Throughout the series, he often watched his sister and Inuyasha argue with each other.