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Simon Doonan, Creative Director at Large, Barneys New York What's your favorite NYC shopping spot? left: Simon Doonan (in Annabel Tollman's Louboutins) right: Joanna Hillman wears: Falke shirt, Derek Lam pants and shoes, Ralph Lauren belt, Vintage pendent; Ferragamo Whistle necklace; Michael Kors watch; Vintage rhinestone bracelet; Mom's jade bracelet; Eddie Borgo studded bracelet; Burberry leather bracelet; Diamond studs; Barstool, 8, Anthropologie Joanna Hillman, Senior Fashion Market Editor, Harper's Bazaar Who do you think of as a New York fashion icon, past or present? This city thrives on individualism and authenticity and people literally wear it on their sleeves! Do you have a favorite New York nightlife spot or restaurant that you find yourself going to a lot? But Bar Pitti, I definitely dream about that Rigatoni Pitti all the time.

It could be a posh older lady on the upper East side or a hipster in Brooklyn, this city just pulsates with fashion inspiration. I also love Peasant, the wine bar downstairs is so charming and they always play good music. I think his work is incredible and his overall style, his story, and persona were so cool.

By filtering on column "D" (Vendor), I can get sum of purchase to a certain vendor, its amount and its frequency as well. Once again, it's not because of this tiny spread sheet, but it's because of the petty cash management, the effective procedure, the clear guideline, the consistency, the accuracy.

When trying to search for some previous receipt, I just do a filter by date, then by the description, once I got it, I move my focus to the last column, I can find the source journal code (SJ#) which leads me to a binder labeled with the same code, I take the binder, bingo !

New York City is a, if not, the, fashion capital of the world.

An amalgamation of high fashion, retro appreciation, individual style and more than a little personality epitomizes a city that lives and breathes fashion even by proxy, sometimes serendipitously, almost always uniquely. For glamour and fashion I love Il Cantanori and Sant Ambroeus.

No matter what is happening for you today, I hope these quotes bring you a little joy.

We’ve gathered 50 New Yorkers from editorial, retail, beauty, music and beyond who exemplify the reality of our New York to bring you New York’s 50 Most Stylish. Which NY based book, movie or TV show epitomizes New York for you?

Simon Doonan wears: Hamilton custom shirt (from Barneys), Naked & Famous pants, Hogan shoes, Prada tie, Hermes belt, Calvin Klein underwear, Paul Smith socks; Goyard bag (Custom @ Barneys New York); Gucci wedding ring; Tag Heuer watch- Steve Mc Queen/Monaco edition. I love all the 60's /70's New York movies - Midnight Cowboy and Rosemary's Baby are my all time faves. Wherever you live, I feel like you really get to know your neighborhood, so there are these random restaurants that no one would ever know about, but it's just a cute little hole in the wall that's like your spot.

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