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Since converting to paid parking, we are already seeing significant improvement, allowing for more RTC visitors to conveniently utilize the garages.We are committed to assisting retailers during this transition.

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Further, there were numerous instances of residential owners leaving their vehicles in RTC spaces.

We have shared many special moments with this community and very much want that tradition to continue to grow for generations to come.

After years of research and planning, RTC activated paid parking in January with three primary goals: As with the progression from surface parking to garage parking some years ago, we realize moving from a free to paid parking model is a big change and has caused some confusion and dissatisfaction; however, our overriding, long-term goal is to continue to bring you the amenities you expect from a world-class destination.

Growing up in Arlington, Megan Donnelly never imagined she would one day be a divorced mother, navigating the singles scene here in her 40s.

But that’s the reality she entered when her marriage broke up eight years ago.