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A ten-year plan was formulated to give this research direction.The issue of improved seeds has been also addressed as there are some seeds such as the New Rice for Africa (NERICA) variety developed in West Africa, has been doing well in Zanzibar.According to Zanzibar Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI), some farmers who have grown NERICA in Northern District of Unguja have reported bumper harvests of between 70 and 80 bags of rice per hectare.

To strengthen CARI, Africa Rice and the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture recruited four international experts to mentor young researchers to work in plant breeding and soil and water management.

On behalf of the Africa Rice family and on my own personal behalf, I would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to you for this richly deserved honor of being awarded the 2017 World Food Prize, known as the Nobel Prize for Food and Agriculture.

Africa Rice would like to share this proud moment with you because of your close association with the Center, first as a member of staff when the Center was called WARDA and your continued support to its activities in your various other capacities, wherein food and agriculture have been key in your vision for the development of Africa.

It was originally designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and low SES students but has since been found to be excellent for all students.

It is based on an understanding of sequencing, connections and big ideas and involves using a cycle of teaching strategies to plan and teach mathematics lessons and units.