Studies in dating bruising in elderly

Upper gastrointestinal studies have a reasonably high yield in selected patients.

Management is directed at treating underlying causes and providing nutritional support. Food and Drug Administration has labeled no appetite stimulants for the treatment of weight loss in the elderly.

Natural Supplements that may cause easy bruising when used in excess and combined with blood thinning drugs: Fish oils when used in excess Ginkgo biloba herbal extract may thin the blood Ginger supplement Garlic when eaten in excess Onions can thin the blood Q.

When taking supplements like ginger, curcumin, fish oil and Vitamin E, is it possible that combining all of these can make one's blood too thin?

Thus, when an injury occurs, bleeding takes place very easily leading to a bruise.• Weak blood vessels and other inner body structures Aging causes the tissues supporting the capillaries to weaken and the blood vessels to become more fragile, thereby increasing the chances of bruising when a minor injury occurs.• Excessive exposure to the sun In as much the sun is well-known for keeping your bones healthy by absorbing calcium, too much exposure to the sun may have adverse effects on your skin, more so an old person’s skin.The rights of elderly people in this millennium replicates, ‘’.Yes, it has indeed become a common instance in the subsisting world to abscond from the practical application of rights of elderly people[1] apart from the codified Constitutions. MORALITY TO LEGALITY The spectacles of Morality and theology What are the characteristics of an evil nation?Easy bruising and frequent bleeding are characteristic manifestations of clotting and platelet disorders, they are also prominent features in some heritable disorders.If you have unusual bruising, consult with your doctor for a medical workup.