Tribal wars auto updating maps

Those "info" images will provide details as to what that particular feature will do when you hover over it.

The script also includes integration with the FA Keypress script to allow you to farm even faster.

This map incorporates resource collection (6 weapons), build-a-bonus, play style from standard CC maps, "free-for-all" region of the Timucua War Zone, and a bonus for holding the Spanish Fort.60 territories in total13 always start neutral (3 Bow & Arrows, 3 Tomahawks, 1 Spanish Fort, 1 Conquistador, 1 Shell Mound Ruins, and four territories, AP-3, AP-4, TM-4, CH-2 will be coded neutral)3 impassables (3 Swamps)44 territories can be starting points (excludes Weapons, Swamps, Spanish Fort, Conquistador, and four territories, AP-3, AP-4, TM-4, CH-2 will be coded neutral). These are exactly the things we're looking to work out, and make the map as clear, and as fun, as possible. You are correct, the TImucua War Zone, is one bonus zone, which includes 27 territories (17 warriors, 3 chiefs, 5 weapons, and the fort and conquistador).

Tribal War-Florida is based on the 9 Native American tribes located in the Florida region during the late 17th Century, and during the initial influx of Spanish settlements and missions, and the eventual slaughter of many of the Native American Indian tribes. The tents are too similar in tone, it's a bit hard to distinguish some of them. That is, remove those very small islands that serve no gameplay purpose, and smooth out the shorelines somewhat. Only Conquistador attacks Spanish fort, check - but does all territories in the middle section attack Conquistador? if I understand correctly, every icon inside that region can assault every other icon?

Players should round up their Chief (1 per tribe) and Warriors (4 per tribe), as well as amass weapons to achieve victory in Tribal War-Florida. Graphically this looks really nice, better than 99% of first drafts we see here. Also, you should include the non-playable land area... I would also recommend to make the shape of the land area a bit more stylistic. And they can all also assault/be assaulted by the neighboring territories?

: We are honored and excited to present to the community what we hope will be the next newly released map, and the first in a long line of Tribal Wars.

For this we wanted to create a smaller map with multiple strategies for ultimate war domination.