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It’s everything you need to know about bottom brackets… Here’s your primer on all things bottom bracket, from it’s history and humble beginnings all the way up to today’s emerging technology.With this in mind, components must be in good condition, well lubricated and properly adjusted.

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Compared to vintage parts, these work better and will be familiar to any shop mechanic. This kit will fit practically any road race frameset built between 19.

Commonly referred to as “one-piece” Ashtabula cranks, these are made of one solid metal piece, meaning the left crank, the axle, and the right crank are all one piece, held in place by cups pressed into the bottom bracket shell.

If you still have an older bike or even a newer children’s or department store bike, chances are you will be able to find one of these on there.

Merlin takes our PWX93 bearings while all others take our PW003 bearings. We also make an outboard bottom bracket that will fit “older” press-fit Klein models.

Phil Wood offers all three tapers to try and best meet the needs of our customers who are using square-tapered bottom brackets.